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By donating/purchasing in-game items will help the server with its monthly expense and stability.

How to Donate/Purchase?

Currently, the server's donation are being handled by the following:

- Where you add credits/funds to your account to be used on our web-store.
- Where you buy items such as POD(s) (Proof of Donation) and checkout.
- POD(s) can be exchanged in-game for Cash Points via Credit Exchanger
- Is the payment gateway for adding funds/credits to your account.

How to claim checked-out items?

1. To claim the item, player must go to Prontera 123 167 and talk to "Donor Rewards" NPC.

2. Choose "I wish to redeem items" menu to receive the items.


Donation/Purchasing FAQ's

1. Are there other way to Purchase/Donate Items?

- If its about not using Paypal, currently we don't have other options.

2. Are the process automated?

- Yes it is. There's no intervention between GM/Staffs to players who are willing to donate/purchase in-game except if you're participating on a Crowdfunding.

What is Crowdfunding?

  • It is a type of donation wherein the server has specific goal to reach like having a new feature or updates.
  • Goal(s) are announced and the details are written.
  • Also handled by Paypal.

What's the difference between the two?

There's not much of a difference because it both helps the server. However, crowdfunding is strictly for feature updates that I cannot do (code-level wise) while donations is more on to server's maintenance such as resources and stuffs.

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