Server Information

Please read to know more about our server!

Iris Ragnarok is a low-rate (3x-3x-3x Weekdays while 5x-5x-3x Weekends) full renewal private server which is set to Episode 17.1++ (Illusion) a continuation of Episode 16.2 (Terra Gloria). Third Class & Expanded Class are fully functional & implemented (16th Anniversary Patch), Kagerou/Oboro with Rebellion Awakening Patch and Summoner - The Doram Race. We are a Quest-Oriented(No instant job changer) server and utilizes Kafra Services (Warping & Storage).

We are equipped with 2020 Renewal Client where IRIS Ragnarok strives to bring you the latest features that is available such as New Character Creation/Selection Interface, Private Airship, Attendance System, Equipment Replacement System, Pet Evolution, Refine UI, Item linking and many more!

  • Private Airship is the alternative for warper/@go/@warp command because it can warp you to places!
  • Attendance System is a reward system per character that has countless goodies that will help you on your adventure that can be claimed via its interface.
  • Equipment Replacement System is a user-interface that can be binded to a shortcut for easy switching of items including accessories!
  • Refine UI is a graphical interface for refining with animation!

We are focused on giving the true ragnarok experience with minor modification such as:

  • Blacksmith Blessing - an item that can be used while refining to avoid breaking your item!
  • Global Drop System - all monster drops a specific item which is Actinidia Cat Fruit & Trading Card (A form of new currency).
  • Trading Card Exchanger - from global drops to exchangeable items that can help you gear up.
  • Costume Exchanger - putting fashion to your character by converting headgear to costume only losing the effect of the headgear and can be reverted back.
  • Fashion Stylist - changes your appearance such as hairstyle of 29 types, 126 hair color, 699 cloth color and alternative costume (jRO Outfits for 3rd Class) for Actinidia Cat Fruit!

Furthermore, we have implemented and follow some of Episode 17.1 Mechanics like Illusion Dungeons and new maps such as Abyss Glast Heim & Magma Dungeon F3. In time, with updates we will catch up and close to official like contents.

Also, our drop rate system is following official mechanics wherein all drops are capped at 90%. The calculation is final_rate = rate * rate_adjust/100 where: rate = official drop rate at 1x; rate_adjust = server drop rates at 3x (300).

Importantly, we don't offer commands such as autoloot, warp/go, storage since there are alternatives for it which are Private Airship for @warp, Kafra Card for @storage, Greed Clip for @autoloot. We want to stay close to default style in terms of gameplay mechanics like walking, chatting and many more!

We are also equipped with Gepard 3.0 client-side security to provide balanced & fair gameplay. We don't tolerate 3PP (Third Party Program) such as xKore, OpenKore, Macro, SpeedHack and many more! We target also a bot-free community to have a stable economy!

Lastly, our server is strategically located at US West Coast which aims to cater Global players. If you're experiencing high latency, we suggest to use third-party applications such as VPN to lessen latency/lag.

If you think our server has potential and can make your free-time spending worth it. Join us! Be part of our community! ROK On!


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