Server Donation Guide

Please read donation information carefully. Thanks in advance!

By purchasing ROK/Cash Points or In-Game Items, you are supporting the running and maintaining of Iris Ragnarok Server. You may use your ROK/Cash Points to purchase items in-game from the Cash Shop.

Below are modes of purchasing ROK/Cash Points. It will serve as a guide to avoid any problem while on the process of purchasing/donating.

  1. Automated Purchasing
    - This is being handled by Paypal and will need your debit/credit card details.
    - You can purchase/donate to the server by visiting our Donation Portal.
    - Your purchase/donation will automatically processed and will be rewarded with donation credits based on the amount you bought/donated.
    - The exchange rate is $1.00 USD = 1 Donation Credit (POD) = 1,000 Cash Points.

  2. Non-Automated Purchasing
    - This is being handled by Western Union or MoneyGram and will be updated once available.

ROK/Cash Points are digital goods. No physical goods will be shipped nor will you be given proof of shipment. By making a purchase/donation, you are authorizing this transaction, and agreeing to our Terms of Services Section 4.


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