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Episode 17.1 Illusion Update!

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Hello RO-Kers,

This week's maintenance is a major update for the server as Episode 17.1 Story-line is now available! See list of changes below.

  1. Episode 17.1 Illusion Story-line Implementation
    - This is a continuation of Terra Gloria story line.
    - See Wiki for more details.
  2. Terra Gloria Update
    - Implemented missing daily quests (Flower GirlRefreshment For the Elders & Story Telling).
    - Implemented Schwartz's Honor Token NPC via Strasse.
  3. Banquet for Heroes Update
    - Updated Consumables Exchange NPC
  4. Quest Crafting Update
    - Implemented Payon Crafting NPC via Iskfah
    - Increased success chance by adding more Magical Stone! Limited to 80%!
  5. Cat Fruit Special Offer Update
    - Changed special offer to Temporal Manteau Variant (STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, LUK) and and Temporal Ring
  6. Item Mall Update
    - Added Spiritual Auguer & Overseas Care Package VIII in Special Dealer
    - Added missing Zhertish Coupon Exchange in Eve Natalia

Wiki Updates

Added/Modified the following guides:

  1. Illusion
  2. Terra Gloria
  3. Banquet for Heroes
  4. Craft Questing
  5. Care Package
  6. Item Mall

Patch Update

  • Data Update
    - Episode 17.1 Files (Translation & Illustration)
  • System Update
    - Episode 17.1 Quest & Item Info

Thanks for patiently waiting! Server will be up November 21, 2019 at exactly 12:45 A.M.

P.S. Please claim your maintenance compensation in-game using the command "@claim EP17MNT-TY-NOV2119"


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