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November Panic Patch

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Hello RO-Kers,

In preparation for the upcoming update Episode 17.1 Illusion this coming Wednesday's maintenance, there will be a panic patch that will be pushed to make sure game-files are up-to-date.

The patches contains:

  • BGM Files
  • Aesthetic Files
  • System Files
  • Data Files

The patches might affect in-game description, view table, palette colors and etc. However, it will not affect the game-play.

Why is this panic patch introduced?
- As stated above, to make sure game files are up-to-date. Also, to make sure that the GRF will extract and compress properly.

How large in terms of file size is the patch?
- The patch is about 80+ MB but divided to several parts.

* For better patching result, you can download the new file/game updater of the server via Google Drive.
* If you have downloaded the November Installer, skip downloading the new game/file updater.
** If you have any problems during the panic patch, feel free to reply or post your issue.


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