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September 25, 2019 Update

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Hello RO-Kers,

Please see below for the changes done to the server.

  1. Hugel Monster Racing kRO Update
    - To give more dynamics to the game.
    Source: Divine Pride
  2. Automated Event Update
    - Added Escape Event (Run For Your Life).
  3. Implemented Kafra Item Mall
    - Can be accessed via Official Kafra (Use Shop) Option.
    - Entrance fee is 500z for all players.
    - NPC's available are: Special & Cute Pet Coupon Exchange Dealer.
    - Currency for the shop are all zeny except for select coupons NPC.
  4. Increase Homunculus EXP Gain
    - Homunculus can now gain 20% experience of its kill.
  5. Increased Quest Exp Rate
    - As suggested by @Fraterna, implementation meets halfway at 2.5x.
  6. Skill Fixes
    - Adoramous splash range is now corrected.
    - Shield Chain & Shield Boomerang is now being affected by weight of the shield and attacks (weapon, equipment)
      -- Formula is not final.
  7. Item Modification
    - Reins of Mount is now storageable.
    - Battle Manual X3 bonus is now corrected.
  8. Fixed Maximum Buying Capacity
    - Reported by @ichwanul
  9. Scripts Update
    - Hourly Timer - can now possibly give RTC for the winner at a certain rate. RNG!
      -- Checking of idle time is also revamped.
    Mora Daily Quest - experienced gain is now corrected according to player status if VIP or Non-VIP.
    - Old Woman (Reset NPC) - revamped prices to cater new players and mid-level players (see details).
    - Aprhodite (Stylist) - changing of alternate outfit now costs Costume Change Ticket.
      -- The ticket can be obtained via achievement, kafra special dealer and cash shop.
    - Healer - added missing rockridge npc.

Major Changes

  • Client Security - Gepard Shield 3.0
    - This will prevent players to use Third Party Programs such as xKore, OpenKore, SpeedHack and many more.
    Thanks for patronizing the server! Your donation made it possible!
    -- If you are encountering problem such as Macro due to Built-In Mouse Programs, please don't hesitate to open a support thread to help you on it.

Patch Notes

  • Client Update (IMPORTANT)
    - The client update is dedicated for the Gepard Shield. 
  • System Update
    - Translation of some items needed for Hugel Monster Race Update
  • Data Update
    - Beautify some text.

Thanks for patiently waiting. The server will be up at exactly September 26, 2019 00:00 server time.

P.S. Please claim your maintenance compensation in-game using the command "@claim WMNT-0925-THX"


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An amazing update yet again!

So glad to have a better Stat re setter now in game. :meow: all the new players who join can now try out new things and help people who are brand new to the game in case they have messed up on stats.

Want to check out this race event as well, sounds like a lot of fun.

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