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September 18, 2019 Update

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Hello RO-Kers,

Please see below for the changes done to the server.

  1. Modified Pet & Homunculus Friendly Rate
    - The rate is now 2x.
    - Hunger rate has not been touched.
  2. Fixed Party Share Level
    - Even share range is now 25.
  3. Disabled Renewal Drop Penalty
    - This modification is not yet finalized and pending change once economy starts to stable.
  4. Fixed Autotrade
    - You can now successfully use @autotrade command to town maps.
    - Other maps also enabled.
  5. Implemented Automated Events
    - To join the event, you must use the command "@joinevent"
    - The command will be
    - The events are:
    Happens every 4 hours starting at 01:00 Server Time.
    -- Reward is 2 Ragnarok Trading Card.
    Poring Catcher
    Happens every 4 hours starting at 03:00 Server Time.
    -- Reward is 1 Ragnarok Trading Card.
    -- Correct poring multiplies for every 4 players who joins the event.
  6. Fixed Eden Quests
    - Corrected exp reward for level 71-85 & 100-111 Quest as reported.
  7. Modified Floating Rates
    - The implementation is moved 12 hours in reference with server time.
    - Friday 12:00 start of weekend time and ends at Monday 12:00. (24 hr clock as reference)
  8. Full Implementation of Mysterious Book Bundle
    Mysterious Combination Book Bundle is now working 100% and dropped by MVP's with Green Aura.
    - In-line with this update is the implementation of LapineDdukDuk System.
    - You can craft some gears from the book bundle.
  9. Modified Item Trade Restriction(s)
    - Some items were modified such as Gym Pass, World Tour Ticket to be tradeable.

Patch Notes

  • Data Update
    - This includes damage font. Please see guide below on how to change it.
  • System Update
    - Translation of some key items.

Thanks for patiently waiting. The server will be up in exactly 23:00 Server Time.

P.S. Please claim your maintenance compensation in-game using the command "@claim WMTC-0918"


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Fantastic! I can finally sell my cake in town to the public!

Don't worry people we got cake for everybody 🍰

Image result for anime cake shop selling


New events sounds good as well, will give them a try when they start as well. 

Glad that we can trade World Tour Ticket as well.

Nice update Zack 😍

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