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Quick Server Maintenance

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Hello RO-Kers,

First, apologies for the late announcement. This is to make sure that the weekend grinding will be smooth.

Moving forward, the server will be having a quick maintenance at around 22:00-23:00 Server Time (SGT).

The purpose of this maintenance are:

  1. Changing the server's environment to PVM instead of PK.
    - There will be a grand PvP room to be implemented for competitive plays.
  2. Fix missing NPC's such as Cool Kafra Staffs.
    - No where to be found. (/sob)
  3. Fixing Priest Warp Portal skill where players cannot do /memo.
    - In-relation with server environment.
  4. Fix summoner item drops
    - Some items are reported to be missing.
  5. Update utility NPC's
    Costume Clown
    - Moved to a different spot.
    Card Remover
    - Modified warning message to players that they might lost their item during the process.
    - Modified pricing & level requirements.
    Reset NPC
    - Modified pricing.
  6. Client Update
    - Removed monster talk that results to spamming.

Kindly log-out during the said time to avoid any issues in-game later. There will be compensation for the downtime. Thanks for understanding. ROK On!

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Awesome update. I'll try and find some new suggestions to pick at your brain later. 😝

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