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August 02 2020 Changelogs

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Hello RO-Kers,

Please see below changes done during the maintenance.

  1. NPC Updates
    1. Fall of Glast Heim 
      - A story where you can witness the tragic past of Glast Heim. (Source: Divine Pride)
      - Oscar (/navi 
      glast_01 241 290) will show you the way to the past. (Wiki - To be updated)
      - This is a full implementation that includes all enchants and item exchange.
    2. Malangdo Costume Enchant
      - Added missing stones to all costume (lower, middle, upper and garment).
    3. Script Optimization Logic
      - This is a general update to all scripts to lesser the load of the server.
  2. Skill Updates
    1. Fire Pillar
      - Corrected blue gemstone requirements.
    2. Spiral Pierce
      - Corrected damage with respect to monster size.
    3. Millennium Shield
      - Corrected shield behavior when all spheres are lost when receiving damage over 1000.
  3. Database Updates
    1. Reduction Bonus
      - Corrected behavior for items that has "Increases damage taken from specific race" where instead of increasing the damage receive it is reducing thus having more resistance.
    2. Patent Items (Ancient Hero Item Upgrade)
      - Modification cube has been added to Gacha.
    3. Old Driver Yellow Band
      - Updated bonus to reflect DP's description (kRO server).
    4. Rockridge ETC Item Mob Drop
      - Corrected selling price to NPC where it is showing 0 only.
  4. Core Files Update
    1. Mob Visual
      - Fixed visual issue where mobs are still appearing even they are dead.
    2. Patcher Update
      - Added "Iris New Patcher" to resolve the issue when using the old one.
      - News & Announcement of the patcher is still a work in progress.
      Note: You can delete the old patcher and use permanently the "Iris New Patcher".


  • Fall of Glast Heim & Patent Patch
    - All data resources needed to have no errors.
  • System Patch
    - Includes translation and patcher itself.

Future Updates

Thanks for patiently waiting! Server will be up at exactly August 02, 2020 - 16:15 Server Time.

P.S. Please claim your maintenance compensation in-game using the command "@claim FUPD-0802-MNT"


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