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July 19 2020 Changelogs

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Hello RO-Kers,

Please see below for the changes done during the maintenance.

  1. Guild Skills Rework
    - Added new guild skills which are Emergency Move, Charge Shout Flag & Charge Shout Beating. (Source: Divine-Pride)
    - Improved other guild skills which are:
    1. Restoration - Reduces fixed casting time from 10 seconds to 1 second. Removes 5 minutes of guild skills global delay. Adds 3 minutes cooldown.
    2. Regeneration - Removes 5 minutes of guild skills global delay. Adds 3 minutes cooldown.
    3. Battle Command - Removes 5 minutes of guild skills global delay. Adds 3 minutes cooldown.
    4. Urgent Call - Removes 5 minutes of guild skills global delay. Adds 5 minutes cooldown.
  2. Database Updates
    1. Pet Updates - Added missing pets up-to Episode 16.2 which are Bacsojin, Moonlight, Roween, Scatleton & Skelion
    2. Mob Updates - Corrected missing drops and wrong attributes.
      1. Abyssman - Corrected size to Large.
      2. Green Teddy Bear - Increased drop rate of Green Teddy Gummy by 6%.
      3. Combat Basilisk - Updated mob drop to reflect DP's info.
      4. Rotar Zairo - Added missing Unprocessed Parts drop.
      5. Hyegun - Added missing hat drop.
    3. Item Updates
      1. Mysterious Manteau - Corrected bonus as reported via Issue Tracker.
    4. Cash Shop
      1. Costume Enchant Box - Added Costume Box 1, 3~21 via limited and new tab.
  3. NPC Updates
    1. Kafra Mall (Item Mall)
      1. Fixed crash on Gacha
      2. Added Costume Enchant Boxes via Special Dealer
      3. Added Pet Gacha for 50 RTC or 1 Proof of Donation as payment.
    2. Malangdo Costume
      1. Gregio Grumani - added missing costume effect enchant.
    3. Re-Entry of Instance - this is a partial implementation as a new issue has been found from kRO itself.
      1. Old Glast Heim - enabled re-entry up-to 2 times for the said instance.


  • Data Update
  • System Update


Future Updates

Thanks for patiently waiting! Server will be up at exactly July 19, 2020 - 15:30 Server Time.

P.S. Please claim your maintenance compensation in-game using the command "@claim JLY19-IRISU"


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