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New Client Update

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Hello RO-Kers,

On July 11, 2020, the server will undergo major maintenance that will update the client support.

Why is it on 11th of July?
- This is to give time for the action items below for all players/accounts.

Action Items

  • Storage Reduction
    - Due to this update, maximum storage capacity has been reverted to its original value which is 600 from 800 (expanded).
    - The reason for this is that the client packets are modified that way. Don't ask me why. Ask Gra.
    Kindly make sure to reduce your storage capacity to 600 before the major maintenance to avoid item loss.
  • Database Migration
    - Some items will be migrated to its original item ID to follow divine-pride.
    - Status removal for all accounts to make sure nothing will cause crash.
  • GRF Update
    - The current grf doesn't have the new effects thus players are required to download the attached file below and patch it.
    - The attached file is an alternative program to patch base data from kRO which has all the new effects.
    - Manual patching thru Iris Patcher is the least option since the file size is around 80mb.

As for now, stay put with the current client and enjoy. Once 2020 client has been pushed thru live server. We will have new content along the way.

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