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May 17 2020 Changelogs

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Hello RO-Kers,

Please see below for the changes done during the maintenance.

  1. Minor Skill Updates
    [ High Priest ] Basilica - corrected duration based on kRO.
    [ Assassin Cross ] Meteor Assault - atk modifier should now increase damage of the skill.
    [ Wanderer/ Minstrel ] Gloomy Day - duration should now be 60s regardless of level.
    [ Warlock ] Soul Expansion & Drain Life - corrected damage calculation where it is not including status int of caster.
    [ Warlock ] Hell's Inferno - corrected damage output display for Dark Elemental and its damage calculation.
    [ Genetic ] Hell's Plant - should stop damage output if player is in cursed circle state or any stop status state.
    [ Wanderer/Minstrel ] Metallic Sound - corrected its skill pre-requisite where it needs level 5 Reverberation.
  2. NPC Script Updates
    [ Nightmare Bio Lab ] Weapon Exchange (Fragments) - added input as to how many weapon will be exchanged.
    [ Hugel Bluehead ] Dragon Power Crafting - instead of crafting 1 by 1, it is now dependent on user input.
    [ Overseas Gacha ] - excluded package from Kafra (Special Dealer) is now on gacha (slot machine) located at Kafra Shop (itemmall 169 84).
    [ Lapine Seller ] - located at Kafra Shop (itemmall 174 81), it sells lapine scrolls for enchanting specific items such as cursed knight shield, ancient hero items.
  3. Item Updates
    [ Overseas Package ] 
    - added two new package which are Hero Package I & II. (Source: Divine-Pride)
    [ Costume Dancing Fallen sakure ] - should now display correct visual in-game.
    [ Yoichi's Shawl ] - added the item in OCP Package IX.
    [ Enforcer Cape ] - corrected bonus with regards to skill delay rate where it is not giving the +5 deduction.
  4. Core Updates
    [ Instance Optimization ] - Added fail-safe checks for the instance to prevent crashes.


  • Item Description Updates

Thanks for patiently waiting! Server will be up at exactly May 17, 2020 - 03:15 Server Time.

P.S. Please claim your maintenance compensation in-game using the command "@claim MNT-0517-UPT"


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