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Iris - Main is back!

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Hello RO-Kers,

After a long series of updates and hiatus, main server will be back on April 25th, 2020!

What to expect on main server?

  • All updates from Sakray will be pushed to Main server.
  • No wipes or changes from the main account.
  • Optimized game files

Is there a freebies or welcome back package?
- Yes there will as stated in 

What is included in the package?

  • Overseas Care Package I~VIII
  • Shadow Cube
  • Costume Pack (Lower, Mid, Head)
  • +7 Refine Ticket (3x Armor | 1x Weapon)
  • 1 Month VIP Ticket
  • 5x HE Manual 
  • 5x 300% Battle Manual
  • 1 Million Zeny
  • 10,000 Cash Points

How to claim the package?
- By simply claiming the code via Kian NPC "IRIS-0425-ROKON".

What are the list of changes done during the long hiatus?
- It will be posted under discussion.

Do I need to download a new client/installer?
- Unfortunately, yes since the update is big and it's much better to do it via Full Client Upload than patch that will be 150MB+ in size.
-- Download links: Google Drive | MediaFire | Mega

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Been playing for a few days now and loving the server, had no idea it wasn't the main server, but looking foward to the server's return, great work!

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