Welcome to Iris Ragnarok

Low Rate - Renewal - Episode 17.2++

Are you looking for a true ragnarok renewal experience? We are here for you!

Iris Ragnarok is a low-rate quest-oriented renewal server where features such as Commands & Kafra Services are minor-to-none modifications. Players can expect that we are almost alike with official server in terms of gameplay.

The server's main content is Episode 17.2 (Sage's Legacy) and which will be updated as it progresses. Our ragnarok client is 2018 and with this comes new aesthetic features such as Private Airplane, Attendance, Equipment Replacement and many more. We are also equipped with client anti-cheat security Gepard Shield 3.0 to provide fair & balanced gameplay.

Lastly, the server's goal is not to become the number 1 server but to provide a unified full renewal gameplay to all ragnarok fanatics who wants to start anew. Join us and you will not regret to spend your free-time on us! ROK On!

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Server Features

  • Episode 17.2
    Sage's Legacy - Varmundt's Mansion a story of legendary sage who owns the mansion and the continuation of Illusion.
  • 2020 Ragnarok Client
    Supports RODex, Achievement, Pet Evolution, M/F Character Creation and many more! Multiple CLIENT Disabled!
  • Server Rates
    We are a low-rate server which has floating rates at 3x-3x-3x Weekdays while 5x-5x-3x during weekends!
  • Pure Quest Gameplay
    We are utilizing the full story of the game! This is for us to enjoy and have challengings facing along the way.

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